RWA Triple Crown Championship

*Current* "The Highlight" Davey Ca$h (via Crown Jewel Match at Thanksgiving Throwdown 11/09/13)
JT Dunn (via Chase the Champion at Summertime Showdown 8/24/13)
Vacated due to injuries to Mike Graca (Summertime Showdown 8/24/13)
Mike Graca (Won from Mike Montero at Dynasty 4/13/13)
"The Ace" Mike Montero (Won from Chris Sterling at Legacy V 7/6/12)
"Revelation" Chris Sterling (Won from Jason Devine at Hype TV Taping 2/4/12)
Jason Devine ( handed over to him by T. Phoenix at Thanksgiving Throwdown 11/19/2011)
T. Phoenix (Won from Logan Rose at Thanksgiving Throwdown 11/19/2011)
Logan Rose (Won from Vincenzo Abruzzi at Legacy IV 7/1/2011
Vincenzo Abruzzi (Won from the Irish Warrior at Legacy IV 7/1/2011)
The Irish Warrior (Won in a 10 man throwdown after being vacated)
Jason Devine (Won in a chase the champion match at New Years Assault 1/2/11)
T Phoenix (Won from Cipriano Abruzzi at Commemeration 2010)
Cipriano Abruzzi (Won from T Phoenix at RWA Live 3 2010)
T Phoenix (Won from Sean Leiter at RWA Live 3 2010)
Sean Leiter (Won from Alex Corvis at RWA Live 2 2010)
Alex Corvis (Won from Vincenzo Abruzzi at Dynasty 2/13/2010)
Vincenzo Abruzzi (Won from Alex Corvis at Thanksgiving Throwdown 11/29/09)
Alex Corvis (Won from Vincenzo Abruzzi at 2KW's Just Another Night 11/5/09)
Vincenzo Abruzzi (Won from JT Dunn at RWA Live 1 10/17/09)
JT Dunn (Won from Vincenzo Abruzzi at Commemoration 8/23/09)
Vincenzo Abruzzi (Won from Cipriano Abruzzi at Legacy 2 7/11/09)
Cipriano Abruzzi (Won RWA Undisputed Championship from Jason Devine at Blatant Brutality 5/17/09)
(Later renamed Triple Crown after being merged with the APW championship and the RWA/NAW Undisputed Championship)
RWA Tag Team Championships

*Current* International Men of Honor (Won at RWA Hype 2/21/14)
Vacated 1/25/14 due to Pat McIntosh's injury
The Hooligans (won at RWA Thanksgiving Throwdown 11/09/13)
The Movement (Won at RWA Legacy VI 7/13/13)
The Influence (Won Tag Team Throwdown at RWA Hype 5/25/13)
Titles vacated at RWA Hype 5/25/13 due to an injury to Cipriano Abruzzi
The Hollywood Balds (Won from The Student Body at RWA Hype 3/9/13)
The Student Body (Won from The Epidemic at RWA Hype 1/19/13)
The Epidemic (Won from Old School Icons at RWA Hype 10/6/12)
Old School Icons (Won Beat the Clock Challenge, Crowned Interim Champions)
The Movement (Won from Student Body at Dynasty 2012 4/28/12)

The Student Body (Won Tournament at Fall Classic 11/5/11)
Title vacated at Summertime Showdown 2011
Logan Rose & Jack Connor (Won from The Suicide Kings on RWA Hype 9/24/11) 
The Suicide Kings (Won from the New Power Trip on RWA Hype 7/14/11)
The New Power Trip (Won from Members Only at RWA Legacy 7/1/11)
Members Only (Won from Devestation Inc. at RWA Dynasty 3/611)
Devastation Inc. (Won from The Hooliganz at Hype 12/19/2010)
The Hooliganz (Won in a triple threat from the Agency at RWA Live 4 10/23/10)
The Agency (Won vacant titles at RWA Live 3 8/21/10)
The Abruzzis (Won from The Struggle at Night of Appreciation 4/25/10)
The Struggle (Won from Mea-T & Fesche at Out of Time 3/28/10)
Mea-T and Fesche (Won from The Agency at Mass Destruction 3/14/10)
The Agency (Won from The Power Trip at Worlds Collide 12/12/09)
 RWA Hype Championship

*Current* "The Heat" Kris Pyro (won at RWA Summertime Showdown 8/24/13)
Damien Black (won at RWA Legacy VI 7/13/13)
**TV Title was unified with the Jr Heavyweight Title in a Fatal 4 Way Match**